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​    saatchi art

31/10/2019, 10:39

painting, digital painting, canvas


Digital painting on paper on canvas with a system developed in years + acrylic paint, oil pastels, spray paint.

A new series of paintings, with relatively small dimensions, but with an affordable price. They are square-shaped paintings that combine well with a modern living. They are mostly portraits. I will make a series of at least twenty paintings. To buy them, these will be offered for sale through saatchiart. If someone wants to buy them directly from me and through this website, please contact me with an email: Or go to the contact page of this website and fill out the form, with your name, surname and email. I will contact you within an hour, probably even earlier ;-)
To buy paintings or drawings directly from Dario Moschetta ( you can go to the SHOP page and you will have at your disposal: drawings, limited art prints, original artworks, paintings, and even a limited edition cement jar made by me.
To buy safely you can pay with PayPal. A window will open with the summary of your purchase. Once purchased, I will contact you to confirm. I ship worldwide, using UPS courier, but also TNT or SDA.
To buy paintings from me directly, but first you want to contact me if you have any doubts, write me as well, and if I can also give you a discount coupon !! Just ask ;-)
After Halloween I will launch a discount campaign ahead of November’s black friday. So write me for information about my paintings, drawings or other.
I also have another email, if you go better with gmail:


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